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A healthy relationship requires a lot of things such as love, respect, care, trust, understanding etc. Along with these, the most important thing is that your sexual relationship should be healthy. It affects your overall relationship with your partner. There are many reasons for unhealthy sexual relation but the most common in the male is Erectile Dysfunction. Canada Drug Direct provides you with a genuine platform for the effective treatment of ED.

ED particularly affects older men. But, according to study, 23 percent of adult men under 40 are also affected by it. There are several causes of ED like physical, mental, neurological etc. So, it is important to catch it early and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Almost, every young man Buy Viagra from online dispensaries.

Here, in this article, we shed light on the early signs of erectile dysfunction that you should know.

Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol level Become High: It is the main physical cause of ED. It enhances erection in the penis and damages your blood vessels, ultimately they lose their elasticity. You will not even think about sex with your partner. High blood pressure impacts the flow of blood in your body and blood will not circulate properly through your penis. You have to control both of them with the help of regular exercise and yoga.

The problem in Your Gums: The most common sign of ED is that your gums are swollen and easily bleed. It does not cause ED directly but it can be the main factor for the initiation of erectile dysfunction. Gum diseases can lead to inflammation to your whole body, which can damage your blood vessels. If your blood vessel function is disturbed and it is not work properly. Ultimately, the blood will not flow into your penis and you face erection problem.

Lack of Sleep: Sleep is very necessary for your mind and body. Lack of sleep can leads to a lot of health issues. It may directly affect the body’s boner department. According to studies, guys that are suffering from sleep disorder also have ED. Lack of sleep reduces testosterone level in your body that causes stress, anxiety. All these things ultimately kill your libido and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Started a New Prescription Medication: If you are facing erection in your penis after starting of new medication then consult your doctor. These medicines may be good for your overall health but it can be proved bad for your sex life. It can disrupt your hormone level and may lower libido can make it harder to get an erection. So, be careful before starting any new medication.

Diabetes: There are a number of health conditions that can trigger ED. But, diabetes can lead to other chronic health problems and increase the risk of erection in your penis. So, for a better sex life cure your diabetes with the help of proper medication.

Conclusion: By knowing the early symptoms of ED, it will become easy for you to cure it in time. If the situation is severe, then consult your doctor as soon as possible.