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Over time, the human skin loses its elasticity and elasticity. Flabbiness appears which affects the appearance negatively. She can be a woman in forty years old notices age changes. If you do not resort to lifting, flabbiness will only increase. The methods of facelift are very diverse. Each is effective in its own way. It is recommended that before applying the procedures with them carefully read about facelift in Miami.

Typical skin problems after 40 years

  • A woman at the age of forty faces the following skin problems: Wrinkles. Become more visible and deep. Loss of elasticity.
  • May cause a change in facial contours.
  • The skin becomes flabby, sags.
  • Manifested in the form of spots on the face.
  • Can be quite large. Inflammation, acne.
  • Associated with hormonal imbalance, which is quite possible at this age.
  • Unhealthy complexion.
  • Blush disappears, skin color becomes grayish. Pallor occurs.
  • Bags under the eyes.
  • Puffiness may occur more often.
  • Acquires a yellowish or dark shade.
  • A woman looks tired, unhealthy.

The main cause of skin problems in 40 years is a decrease in collagen production. It is a protein that makes the skin elastic. If it becomes less, the skin sags, becomes flabby. Elastin production is reduced, which is why skin cells are renewed much less frequently. The skin becomes dry, and this provokes the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of non-surgical braces

Many women think how to tighten their face without using surgery. Such methods do exist, have the following advantages: Financial Availability. No need to pay money to plastic surgeons for expensive procedures. There is no risk of serious complications. A woman will not face unpleasant consequences. No need to spend time on rehabilitation. After the operation, it will take a long time to recover. Methods without surgery allow this to be avoided.

Easy to use

There are home use methods. Masks, cream is quite simple to apply, every woman will cope with it. Efficiency. Even at home and in the office of a beautician, a face lift without surgery after 50 years brings noticeable results rather quickly. Which method of lifting is better to choose There are many methods of lifting, each of which has certain advantages: Thread Lifting. It is carried out with the help of injections. Self-absorbing threads are introduced into the soft tissue, can strengthen the muscular frame of the face. Contour plastic. For filling in wrinkles fillers are used. This is not an operation, as medications are injected with injections.

Fractional photothermolysis

Wrinkles, acne and flabbiness are eliminated with a laser.

Restored tissue elasticity

Thermolifting It is performed using thermal radiation. Electromagnetic radiation affects the dermal layer beneficially, eliminating deep wrinkles, restoring tissue elasticity. Cream and masks. Cosmetics contain collagen, which visibly tightens the skin. A woman needs only regular use of funds, the result will not be long in coming.

Folk remedies

It is less effective than professional lifting methods, but more affordable financially. With their help, it will not be possible to get rid of deep wrinkles, but it is possible to improve the microcirculation of skin cells, complexion, eliminate inflammation and acne. The aging process will pause.