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Gone are the days when people would look at braces, and the first thing that comes to mind is that they would look like Ugly Betty. Aren’t we just thankful for technology and the science of orthodontics? Your smile can be the only thing someone else would need for their day to be brighter, so smile!

Not everyone is born with well aligned teeth, which is very normal. The dental formula of a person whose teeth are not aligned can affect their self-esteem. You may find or know a person who avoids public surroundings or even holds their mouth with their hand while talking or smiling. Do you know such a person? Will you be a good friend and refer them to Dr. Bach, who will offer their professional services and help them get their perfect smile back?

Patients of all ages can get braces; it is never too late. Getting them will improve your appearance, health of your teeth and gums and also boost your self-esteem. Below are important facts you should know about orthodontics;

1.    Go to a professional

You do not want to be disappointed with the service you get from your orthodontist. Many confuse dentistry with Orthodontics; before you make your decision do your research and get a specialist who will efficiently bring your smile back. Seeking professional help also helps you avoid other dental problems.

2.    Age is nothing but a number

Do not be fooled by the myth that braces are only for children, no matter your age you can still get your teeth straightened. The fact is that it may take a shorter period for children’s teeth to be rectified because their metabolism is still high as compared to the period it might take for an adult. After all, the end result is what matters.

3.    Is it painful?

Patients of all ages may have jitters of the procedure and its aftermath. Well, it is not necessarily painful but expect some discomfort. It may take some time for you to adapt to the braces in your mouth. It is normal for the teeth to become sensitive and tender due to the braces, it is a sign that your teeth are getting aligned as expected. You may need to get some medication to relieve the pain for the first few days after the treatment, but with time the soreness will go away. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

4.    Cost

Some people may be reluctant to get the braces because of the fear of costs that will be incurred. Prices vary from patient to another; you need to understand that there is no fixed price for the braces as the cost depends on the type dental problems requiring correction, type of braces as well as the proximity of the orthodontist among others. You need to find out if the orthodontist offers payment plans, discounts and take insurance which will, in turn, reduce your costs.

5.    Dental hygiene

You will need to up your game when it comes to dental health. The braces will only be effective and comfortable when you take proper care of them. Ensure you always have a dental kit with you and that you brush and floss your teeth regularly.