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Do you consider yourself a skincare enthusiast and delight in evaluating new skin care regimens that hold promise despite sounding a bit unorthodox for most people? If so, then skin needling (or micro needling) needs to be on your must-try list if you haven’t already.

Simply put, micro needling is a non-invasive treatment that guarantees more youthful looking skin. That’s enough for me to state yes, but what does the procedure involve, and– most importantly– does it work?

The nuts and bolts of microneedle therapy

To offer a little context, micro-needling is a procedure that utilises a variety of small needles to pierce the first layer of your skin (noises much scarier than it is).

Micro-needling has two primary benefits:

  • Promotes skin development synthesis to improve collagen and elastin that plump and firm the skin
  • Increases absorption of active components by higher than 90%, making this procedure among the most effective and effective methods to stop early signs of ageing while avoiding brand-new fine lines and wrinkles taking place.

Although readily available in clinics nationwide, micro-needling can be attained at-home with making use of small skin needling devices as an added step in your skin care regime. With the right corrective serums, the micro-needling technique brightens your skin (even after initial use) leaving you with healthier and younger looking skin.

Microneedling products like Dermapen 4 for skin needling works best with serums that have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid that helps revitalise the skin. These kinds of elements will increase the effects of the micro-needling technique to promote collagen production to help reduce hyperpigmentation, age lines and dry skin.

Typically speaking, if you are new to skin needling, then it is recommended that you start with one that has .3 mm needles to prevent discomfort and maintain effectiveness. The latter is ideal for an effective at-home treatment that offers immediate results with no downtime.

For optimised results, you can also combine micro-needling with a light peel before derma rolling (at least a week ahead). The advantage to this is even greater exfoliation and uptake of nutrients. It’s good to note that if you wish to use bigger needle sizes, it’s suggested that you see an expert be safe.

Other tips to consider before using a micro derma pen or any other skin needling device you prefer:

  • Make sure you buy your microneedling gadget from a legitimate source.
  • For ideal results, utilise the gadget 3-5 times a week, or every day depending on your preference.
  • Change your microneedle on a monthly basis for optimal outcomes as the needles will naturally become dull and substantially less effective over time
  • Never micro-needle over acne or open sores as doing so increases the risk of infection.
  • Apply the microneedle in one area for no more than 3 times to avoid skin irritation
  • Sterilise the roller after each use in 91% alcohol and allow to air dry before storage to prevent the risk of infection

So there you have it — a few important things every beginner should know about microneedling. Such information ought to prove useful for anyone looking to get started with skin needling and do it the right way.